Award recipient selected for Yuengling sponsored brewing tuition scholarship

In October 2017, Yuengling Brewery sponsored a $5,000 tuition award to a new student veteran for the University of South Florida’s St. Petersburg’s Brewery Arts Program for the 2018 January semester.

The Brewing Arts program is a collaboration between the USFSP College of Arts and Sciences and many local and national breweries. Launched in 2015, the program is designed for those who range from hobbyists to enthusiasts looking to make a career in the industry by working in a brewery or opening a brewery one day. The award will allow a veteran student to learn foundational knowledge via online courses as well as complete hands-on training with a local brewery.

USF’s Brewery Arts Program selected John Bailey as the award recipient.

John, a Florida native, had a passion for brewing even while serving his country. John joined the Air Force when was he was 19. He worked on the ground directing close air support (airstrikes) via radio communications with aircraft supporting overhead (basically telling the aircraft where the bad guys were so they can neutralize the enemy without harming nearby friendly forces.)

When he returned home from Afghanistan, John celebrated the birth of his daughter and, one afternoon, he and his wife toured a craft brewery in North Carolina. John said he felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.

In North Carolina, craft breweries were everywhere and John has a passion to be a part of the brewing world. He approached a local microbrewery and asked if he could exchange labor for their knowledge of the brewing process. They ended up letting John help with a three-barrel brew, which further facilitated his growing passion for brewing.  

Not held back by the fact that he has a dream to get involved professionally, John researched schools for brewing scholarships. A friend of John’s discovered the opportunity about USF’s Brewing Arts Program scholarship opportunity. He connected with John immediately. John applied for the scholarship and part of his application included his love for the science of brewing, smells of the brewery and his passion for beer. He said Yankee Candle® should make candles scented with wort.

John’s aspirations are to one day be involved directly with the brewing process with a Florida brewery.  He said he feels the love from Yuengling. Whether selected or not, John said this scholarship is a big deal to veterans; a great gesture that rest assured a veteran would be taken care of.

Congratulations John!

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